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Scott Anderson
Scott Anderson
Department of Kinesiology, Watson Lab of Human Performance and Founder, YogAutism

Scott Anderson has spent most of his life exploring the interface of brain and body. A long-time yoga and meditation teacher, Scott returned to grad school to explore the body/brain connection in greater depth in the Watson Human Performance Lab. Scott earned his Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin - Madison and his research interests include mindfulness-based post-secondary education, mindfulness training for college athletes, and mindfulness interventions in orthopedics. In addition to meditation and school, Scott loves to bike, ski and work out.


Ph.D., Kinesiology

M.S., Kinesiology

B.S., Physics; Minor, Mathematics

What does well-being mean to me?

"I believe well-being is grounded in appreciation. While we all have our challenges, I believe that a goodness resides within each of us. Recognizing the inherent goodness that’s inside each of us generates an appreciation that leads to well-being."


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