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Student Flourishing

Learn more about the Center for Healthy Minds's Art & Science of Human Flourishing Course, teaching workshops, Healthy Minds on Campus and more related to student flourishing at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Art and Science of Human Flourishing Course

In response to the crisis in college student mental health, faculty from UW-Madison, Penn State and University of Virginia came together in 2015 to develop The Art and Science of Human Flourishing (ASHF), a 3 credit, semester-long academic course, which combines the sciences and the humanities, and seeks to support university students in their mental health and overall flourishing.

At UW–Madison, the course is team-taught every fall semester and is currently only open to first-year students. Since the pilot offering in 2017, nearly 900 students have taken the course at UW-Madison. Variations of the course are taught at Penn State and UVA, and we continue to conduct collaborative research with these institutions to study the effects of the course on student well-being.

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Student Flourishing Teaching Workshop

Learn how to teach the Art and Science Flourishing course! Join our 2023 Student Flourishing Teaching Workshop to learn more about this innovative course, the effects it is having on students, and how you can further support your students’ flourishing.

This workshop is designed for college and university level faculty, staff and graduate students who want to teach the Art & Science of Human Flourishing, integrate elements of it into existing courses or bring concepts of flourishing into their work with students outside of the classroom. The Teaching Workshop supports the ultimate goal of helping university students develop the knowledge and cultivate the skills that support a flourishing life.

Some of the workshop features include: a welcome reception at the Center for Healthy Minds, Q/A with Dr. Richard Davidson, review of ASHF course structure and content, discussions around integrating concepts of flourishing into out of classroom programming, small breakout groups, contemplative practice sessions + an optional 1/2 day meditation retreat/workshop and a student panel discussion!

Healthy Minds on Campus

Healthy Minds on Campus is a new student organization that evolved out of The Art & Science of Human Flourishing course offered at the UW–Madison. The organization is student-led, with the purpose of providing a space for all students to discuss and learn about evidence-based practices that support well-being and to integrate habits and behaviors that promote flourishing.


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In the News

Students of Art and Science of Human Flourishing course demonstrate improved mental health and flourishing

September 2, 2022

Significant concerns have been raised about the mental health crisis on college campuses, with attention turning to what colleges can do beyond counseling services to address students’ mental health and well-being. In a newly published multi-university study, scientists found that students who completed the Art and Science of Human Flourishing course, demonstrated improved mental health, strengthened skills, perspectives and behaviors associated with flourishing.

Popular Student Flourishing Teaching Workshop Returns This Summer

September 25, 2023

Faculty and instructional staff from UW–Madison, UW System and other universities can now register for the second annual in-person Student Flourishing Teaching Workshop at UW–Madison, June 19-23, 2023.

3 Ways for First-Year Students to Flourish at UW–Madison

September 25, 2023

So you’re new to the University of Madison-Wisconsin? There’s a few things to know to take on your first year with a positive outlook.