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Bodhisattva's Activism

Nov 10 to Nov 12, 2023

Our world today overflows with reasons for activism: the climate catastrophe, economic oppression, racial injustice, and many forms of direct and indirect violence – a full list would be exceedingly long. Yet, despite the daunting array of challenges, so many people around the world have devoted themselves to activism through direct action, indirect support, and deep service to the most vulnerable communities affected by direct and structural violence.

In this powerful two day program, Buddhist activists Roshi Joan Halifax and Dekila Chungyalpa, together with scholar of Buddhism John Dunne, share key historical moments and figures in the history of Buddhist activism and explore how the practice of the Bodhisattva embodies unique aspects of this work in ways that are directly relevant to the challenges that we all face today. Together we will also explore how Buddhist insights and practices serve activists in gaining clarity about the true purpose of their work, while also offering strategies for the type of balanced self-stewardship that activism requires. The program includes a series of teachings, discussions with participants, meditation practices for activists, and rich resources on socially and environmentally engaged Buddhism.

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