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Healthy Minds LIVE: The Aging Brain - Developing Well-Being for Your Future

Aug 16, 7:00PM to 8:15PM
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The Aging Brain: Developing Well-Being for Your Future

Please enjoy this free recorded replay of the event.

What can we learn from the latest science to promote greater health and well-being as we age? The third presentation in our Healthy Minds LIVE series will focus on the latest neuroscience and discoveries from decades of research on aging. Join faculty and scientists at the Center for Healthy Minds and the University of Wisconsin–Madison for a conversation on promoting well-being as we age.

The Aging Brain: Developing Well-Being for Your Future is part of the HealthyMinds LIVE virtual event series from the Center for Healthy Minds and its external, affiliated nonprofit Healthy Minds Innovations (makers of the Healthy Minds Program app) to bring you the latest research findings, innovation trends and tips to promote well-being in your daily life and community.

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Event Speakers

Ozioma Okonkwo

Ozioma Okonkwo

Associate Professor, Geriatrics and Gerontology at the Department of Medicine and Public Health, UW–Madison
Learn more about Ozioma

Stacey M  Schaefer

Stacey M. Schaefer

Associate Scientist, Center for Healthy Minds, UW–Madison
Learn more about Stacey

Melissa Rosenkranz

Melissa Rosenkranz

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, UW–Madison Distinguished Chair in Contemplative Neuroscience at the Center for Healthy Minds, UW–Madison
Learn more about Melissa

Marianne Spoon

Marianne Spoon - Moderator

Center for Healthy Minds Collaborator and Associate Dean for Communications and Advancement at the UW–Madison School of Education.
Learn more about Marianne

Richard Davidson Speaker Photo Circl

Richard Davidson - Special Guest

Founder, Center for Healthy Minds and the William James & Vilas; Professor of Psychology & Psychiatry at UW–Madison; Founder, Healthy Minds Innovations Learn more about Richard

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