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Restoring Resilience: In Nature, Community and Ourselves

Aug 14 to Aug 15, 2019

Dekila Chungyalpa will host an evening talk followed by a full-day workshop at the Upaya Institue. She will teach participants the framework of resilience; what inherently exists in nature, within strong communities, and within ourselves; to demonstrate how we can be better prepared, heal and bounce back despite challenges and adversity while working on environmental, climate and social justice goals. Dekila will also examine ways in which we can restore resilience within ourselves, our communities, and our environment. She will integrate environmental science, philosophy, psychology and other social sciences with traditional ecological knowledge from her Bhutia community, teachings by her mother, Ani Dechen Zangmo, a meditation teacher and practitioner, and lessons from the great masters of the Karma Kagyu Tibetan Buddhist lineage.

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