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The Buddhism and Ecology Summit 2023

Apr 17 to Apr 21, 2023
A Weeklong Event Series That Will Feature the Loka Initiative Director
The buddhism and ecology summit april 2023

Environmental devastation is an inescapable reality of modern life. Each of us holds within our hearts a multitude of emotional responses to the devastation occurring around us: grief and anger, apathy and anxiety, hope and despair.

With nearly 60% of young people reporting high levels of worry and anxiety about the state of the planet, the psychological impact of climate change is now undeniable. As the world warms and climate disruptions accelerate, we can expect that psychological distress will only increase.

How can we not only stay healthy and sane, but also maintain a sense of joy and purpose in these times of planetary crisis?

Join us April 17-21 for Tricycle’s second annual Buddhism and Ecology Summit, a weeklong series of conversations with Buddhist teachers, writers, environmental activists and psychologists on transforming eco-anxiety into awakened action. We’ll offer perspectives and practices for working with difficult emotions and creating pathways towards meaningful change.

Loka Initiative Director Dekila Chungyalpa will speak at the event.

Recordings of the week’s events will be made available to all registrants.